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GIRARD, Tankless Water Heater


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    • Type: LP Gas
    • Capacity: Without Tank
    • Ignition Type: Electronic Ignition
    • Wattage Rating: Not Applicable
    • BTU Level: 42000 BTU
    • Width: 12-1/2 Inch
    • Height: 12-1/2 Inch
    • Depth: 15-1/2 Inch
    • With Switch: Yes
    • With Access Door: No
    • With Indicator Light: Yes
    • With Mounting Hardware: No

    Product Description

    The Girard tankless RV hot water heater is the result of many years of research and experience. It is easy to operate and provides endless water at the precise desired temperature. The onboard microprocessor monitors incoming cold water temperature, flow rate and outgoing hot water temperature to maintain a constant, steady hot water flow. With an ultra-easy installation, this continuous hot water heater for RVs can fit into any tank water heater opening and won't weigh down your rig with its surprisingly lightweight design. The water heater door is easy to open and close - no more twist latches. The hinged door and sliding latch allow fast, easy access to the water heater and the silicone exhaust ring adjusts for easy alignment of the exhaust tube.

    Features & Benefits

    • 42,000 BTUs Provide Optimal Performance For RV Plumbing
    • Equipped With Quiet, Brushless Motor
    • Onboard Microprocessor Monitors Inlet Water Flow, Inlet And Outlet Temperature
    • Microprocessor Regulates The Burner To Maintain Set Hot Water Temperature
    • Features A Digital User Control Panel
    • Freeze Protection Enables Reliable Winter Use
    • No LP Gas Lines Or Special Plumbing Required
    • Compact Design Fits In Any Tank Water Heater Cut-Out Opening
    • Limited 2 Year Warranty

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    GIRARD, Tankless Water Heater

    1,475.16 1,475.16


    Not Available For Sale