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AquaMax®, Waste Holding Tank Treatment, Spring Shower Scent


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    Tank Chemical
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    • Bio/Chemical Type: Biological
    • Formaldehyde: No
    • Deodorant/ Scent: Spring Showers Scent
    • Tank Size: 40 Gallon
    • Unit Size: 2 Ounce
    • Unit Type: Packet
    • Unit Quantity: Box Of 8 Treatments
    • Packaging Language: English/ French

    Product Description

    The Thetford Name is Your Assurance of Quality. As the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile sanitation products for the RV, marine, camping and truck markets, Thetford Corporation makes mobile living a more pleasant experience. Thetford products include complete lineups of Lightweight, low-water-use toilets permanently mounted in RVs, boats or trucks. Hand-carried, fresh-water-flush, self-contained portable toilets that have a multitude of uses. Specially-formulated waste holding tank deodorants and treatments used with these toilets. Innovative, multi-capacity tote tanks and other products that make mobile living more convenient, quicker, cleaner and easier. Thetford prides itself on creative design and is committed to the production of high-quality products that exceed the needs of a demanding marketplace. Looking for Quality, Performance, Style and Value? Look to Thetford and Norcold.

    Features & Benefits

    • Powerful Odor Control And Superior Waste Digestion
    • Liquefies Waste Fast To Prevent Clogging
    • 100 Percent Biodegradable Deodorant
    • Made In USA
    • No Supplier Warranty

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    AquaMax®, Waste Holding Tank Treatment, Spring Shower Scent

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