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Battery Monitor BMV-712 Gray, Smart


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    Battery Monitor Victron BMV-712 Smart

    With built-in Bluetooth
    With its built-in Bluetooth Smart ready for the age of bmv is the "Internet of Things" (IdD). Most of the other victron energy products as well via Bluetooth. Wireless communication between the products makes the installation of systems and improves performance.

    Download the victron Bluetooth app
    With a smartphone or another Bluetooth-enabled device.
    - Adjust settings,
    - All important data can be displayed on a screen,
    History data can be displayed and
    - On the latest software update, when new features are available.

    Easy to set up
    All electrical connections are connected to the PCB connector at the current shunt. The shunt is with the monitor via a standard RJ12 telephone cable. Included in the scope of delivery: RJ12 cable (10 m) and the battery cable with fuse (2m); no further components are required.
    In addition, a separate front plate for a square or round display; a safety ring for a rear mounting and screws for a front-sided mounting is included.

    Monitoring of the center point voltage
    A damaged cell or a damaged battery can destroy a whole large, expensive battery bank. When batteries connected in series, by measuring the center point voltage for a timely warning message is generated. Please note also the bmv Manual, Section 5.2 for more information.
    We recommend our battery balancer (BMS 012201000) to the life of the connected in series
    Lead-acid batteries to maximize.
    Very low power consumption of the battery
    Power consumption: 0.7 Ah per month (1 mA) at 12 V, 0.6 Ah per month (0.8 mA at 24 V
    In particular, lithium-ion batteries have almost no capacity left, if you up to the
    Switch-off due to low voltage discharged.
    After turning off due to low voltage is the capacity reserve a lithium-ion battery
    At about 1Ah per 1000 Ah battery capacity. The battery is damaged when the remaining
    Reserve capacity will be drawn from the battery. A residual current of 10 mA for example, a 200 Ah
    Battery damage, if the system has 8 days in the discharged state is left.
    Bi-alarm relay
    In the event of an alarm prevents an increased current consumption.
    Additional features
    Battery voltage, current, power, consumed ampere-hours and charging status
    - Remaining time for current discharge rate.
    - Programmable visual and acoustic alarm
    - Programmable relay to insignificant loads off or, if required, a generator
    - A 500 Ampere Quick Connection shunt and a connection kit.
    Shunt capacity up to 10,000 Ampere can be selected.
    -VE. direct communication port
    - Stores a large bandwidth of historical data, on the basis of which usage patterns and battery status
    Can be evaluated.
    - Wide input voltage range: 9.5 - 95 V
    - High current measuring resolution 10 mA (0.01 A)
    - Additional input for measuring voltage (a second battery), temperature or
    Center point voltage as well as corresponding alarm and relay settings.

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    Battery Monitor BMV-712 Gray, Smart

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