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EasyTouch RV™ Thermostat Wall Plate KIT-35T


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Product Overview

EasyTouch RV™ Thermostat Wall Plate

Customers asked us for a Wall Plate to mount our state of the art Smart and Wi-Fi thermostat, the EasyTouch RV thermostat. All our thermostats manufactured after February 15, 2022, have a special back plate on the thermostat with carefully placed plastic tabs fitting into the wall plate.

This product provides a nice, finished look and covers holes that may be left in the wall after replacement of prior thermostats with differing dimensions from those of Micro-Air’s EasyTouch RV replacement thermostat.

If your thermostat was manufactured before February 15, 2022, it does not come equipped with the required tabs to snap into the Wall Plate. In beta testing, we learned from an RVer that the use of doubel-sided Velcro tape in two corners of the thermostat and in the corresponding corners of the Wall Plate served him well as a solution in the absence of back plate tabs. You will need to carefully remove the 4 locking plastic tabs from the wall plate to make the depth of the wall plate work for your thermostat.


Compatible with all EasyTouch RV thermostats made after February 15, 2022

For thermostats made before February 15, 2022, the owner can make a modification using double-sided Velcro tape in two corners of the thermostat and in the corresponding corners in the Wall Plate.


Dimensions: Width: 6 inches | Height: 4 3/8 inches
Color: Black only
Item Includes: 4 mounting screws


Provides an easy solution for covering up old existing holes left behind from an existing thermostat.

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EasyTouch RV™ Thermostat Wall Plate KIT-35T

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