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[AT-Z29P] HEHR Small Metal Vent Hinge

Refrigerator Drain Hose Plug


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    Refrigerator Parts
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    • Color: Black/ White
    • Material: Plastic
    • Used To: Dometic NDR1272/ RM7130/ RM4873 Refrigerators
    • Quantity: Single
    • Marine: No

    Product Description

    To ensure you make the most of our refrigeration solutions, while keeping them up and running at all times, Dometic provide a wide selection of accessories and spare parts. These include electric cables, fridge slides, quick release and universal installation kits, hinge and latch assemblies, fridge stands, lid lanyards, light assemblies and insulated covers.

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    • Developed To Provide Steady Performance And Reliability
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    • Offers Smart And Reliable Products With Aspirational Design
    • Sustainable Innovation: Reduce Climate Impact As Well As The Extraction Of Virgin Natural Resources
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    Refrigerator Drain Hose Plug

    64.95 64.95


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