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Waste Holding Tank Rinser; Swivel Stik ™


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    • Used For: Dislodge, Flush Stubborn Waste Deposits & Odor Causing Particles Left After Holding Tank Is Emptied
    • Type: Stick Type Used Through Toilet
    • Shaft Length: 55-1/2 Inch
    • With Shut Off Valve: Yes
    • With Hose: Yes

    Product Description

    Keep your holding tank clean. Our convenient line of holding tank rinsers will dislodge and flush stubborn waste deposits and odor-causing particles. Periodic rinsing is essential for proper sensor probe function.

    Features & Benefits

    • Patented Holding Tank Rinsers With Shut-Off Valves
    • Dislodges And Flushes The Stubborn Waste Deposits And Odor-Causing Particles Left After Holding Tank Is Emptied
    • Powerful Rotary Cleaning Action Reaches Corners And Walls Of Tank
    • One-Quarter Turn Shut-Off Valve At Your Fingertips
    • Quarter-Turn Pressure-Sealed Valve Helps To Selectively Control Water Flow
    • Easy Grip Handle
    • No Supplier Warranty

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    Waste Holding Tank Rinser; Swivel Stik ™

    54.00 54.00


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