[AT-91059] Inner Tank for GC6AA-10E, 91059
[KE-6377APW] Suburban Advantage Tankless10gal 12gal 16gal Retrofit Panel White

Suburban Advantage Tankless Water Heater 5286A


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    • Type: LP Gas
    • Capacity: Without Tank
    • Ignition Type: Pilot Ignition Or Direct Spark Ignition
    • Wattage Rating: Not Applicable
    • BTU Level: 60000 BTU
    • Width: 12-1/2 Inch
    • Height: 12-1/2 Inch
    • Depth: 20 Inch
    • With Switch: No
    • With Access Door: No
    • With Indicator Light: No
    • With Mounting Hardware: No

    Product Description

    The best water heaters on the road today, Suburban's line of durable, porcelain-lined steel tank water heaters features to match the requirements of almost any RV. Simple and reliable ignition and operation.

    Features & Benefits

    • Exclusive 60,000 BTU Two-Stage Self Modulating Combustion System
    • Built-In Freeze Protection
    • The Exclusive 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System (M.C.S) Monitors: Inlet Water Temperature And Water Flow, Output Water Temperature, Heat Exchanger And Burner Operation
    • 2-Stage Modulating Combustion System (MCS) Which Instantaneously Adjusts The LP Gas Input To Provide Consistent And Endless Comfort Regardless Of Your Hot Water Needs
    • Only 36 Pounds Installed
    • Heated Water Attacks All Metals, But Not Porcelain
    • Porcelain-Lined Steel Tank For Long Life
    • Anode Rod To "Absorb" The Electrolytical Action
    • Every Tank Is Pressure Tested Twice During The Manufacturing Process To Ensure Its Integrity
    • Limited 2 Year Warranty And Limited 3 Year Tank Warranty

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    Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

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    Suburban Advantage Tankless Water Heater 5286A

    1,506.89 1,506.89


    Not Available For Sale