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Radio, Automotive, AM/ FM, With Bluetooth Functionality; CD/ DVD/ MP3/ WMA/ MP4


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    • Smart Technology Compatible: Bluetooth
    • Intended Use: Automotive
    • Type: AM/ FM
    • Display Type: LCD Panel
    • Peak Output: 120 Watt
    • RCA Input/Output: 1 Rear RCA Input/ 2 RCA Output
    • With Satellite Capability: No
    • With CD/DVD Compatible: Yes
    • With SD/MMC Card Slot: No
    • With iPod/ MP3 Controls: Yes
    • With Built-In GPS: No
    • With USB Port: Yes
    • Auxiliary Input: Yes
    • With Detachable Face Plate: No
    • With Remote Control: Yes
    • Marine: Yes

    Product Description

    The DV3100S stereo system integrates residential design with recreational vehicle functionality. It features 2 audio zones for a multi-room experience, Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming and others DVD entertainment for your adventure on the road. Take your “on the road stereo experience” to new heights. With 2-zone control, a built-in DVD player, Bluetooth ®, and a range of media outlets, it lets you play all your favorite media.

    Features & Benefits

    • Features 2 Audio Zones For A Multi-Room Experience
    • Integrates Residential Design With Recreational Vehicle Functionality
    • Bluetooth Connectivity For Wireless Music Streaming
    • Vibrationsmart ™, Climatesmart ™ And Signalsmart ™
    • Limited 1 Year Warranty

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    Radio, Automotive, AM/ FM, With Bluetooth Functionality; CD/ DVD/ MP3/ WMA/ MP4

    406.83 406.83


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