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Slide Out Topper Fabric; Cut To Fit Fabric Solid Black (SOLD BY THE FOOT)


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    Awning Fabric
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    • Type: RV Slide-Out
    • Fabric Color Family: Black/ Gray/ Silver
    • Length (FT): Sold By The Foot/ Full Roll is 50'
    • Color: Black
    • Weather Cover Color: Black
    • Material: Anti-Scuff/ Anti-Mildew Vinyl Fabric

    Product Description

    Stop wasting time by custom ordering slide topper fabric every time you get an order and save room for more inventory! Our Slide Topper Replacement Fabric boxes are compact yet durable and are a UNIVERSAL fit, meaning no more guesswork when it comes to replacing slide topper fabric.

    Features & Benefits

    • Perforation Lets You Easily Pull Out The Fabric You Need, Safely Keeping The Rest Of The Fabric In The Box And Protected
    • Heated Wedge Welding Fuses Vinyl Together For Strong, Leak-Resistant Seams
    • Fabric Box Stays Closed After Each Use, Protecting It From Dirt, Grime And Other Elements That Could Damage The Product
    • Cut To Fit Option In A Box Complete With Easy To Use Roller Just Extend Out The Amount Of Fabric You Need And Cut
    • Limited 1 Year Warranty

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    30-day money-back guarantee
    Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

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    Slide Out Topper Fabric; Cut To Fit Fabric Solid Black (SOLD BY THE FOOT)

    19.25 19.25


    Not Available For Sale