MICRO-AIR EasyTouch™ RV Thermostat, ASY-359
[KE-4471008700] DOMETIC, DF Sail SW W/Brkt M/L 33082, 36165, 4471008700

MICRO-AIR EasyTouch™ RV Thermostat, ASY-356


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Unique Enhancements to our 356 Thermostat
  • Auto fan
  • Auto fan changeover control
  • Auto cool/heat modes
  • Temperature sensor calibration
  • Temperature hysteresis control
  • Indoor sensor fault message
  • Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity standard in all thermostats.
  • Control your RV A/C remotely anywhere right from your phone or tablet **.
  • No Monthly Service Fees.
  • A large color touch screen (Dimensions: Height:3" Width:3.9" Depth: 1.06").
  • Overall product dimensions: Width: 4.00 inches x Height: 3.05 inches
  • High and low temperature notifications.
  • Scheduling features
  • Text based fault indication
  • Multiple zone control remotely.
  • All the features of your original thermostat are included. (example: Aqua-Hot)
  • Free feature updates through Wi-Fi.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

**Apple devices must be version 13.4 or higher which is available on iPhone 6S and newer devices. Android devices must be at least Marshmallow, which is version 6.0, API version 23, or higher.

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MICRO-AIR EasyTouch™ RV Thermostat, ASY-356

390.32 390.32


Not Available For Sale