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MICRO-AIR EasyTouch™ RV Thermostat Wire Harness


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    EasyTouch RV™ Thermostat Wire Harness - Coleman 354 and 355 models
    Some RV manufacturers deviated from the original design of Coleman (AirXcel/RVProducts/RVP) air conditioners that prescribed molex connectors as pictured. In the altered wiring, the air conditioner connecting wires leading from the wall to the thermostat were connected by crimps or wire nuts (direct wired). If yours is direct wired this way to the thermostat (without connectors), you will need our simple adapter to complete your installation of the EasyTouch RV WiFi thermostat.

    How to check before your purchase? Remove your thermostat from the wall to see if your wires in the wall have a similar connector. If none are found, our engineers have designed what you need to make our WiFi thermostat work for you: our 354/355 Wire Harness pigtail assembly (HAR-354-355).

    The wire harness can be spliced easily to your existing wall wires. Just Google: HOW TO SPLICE WIRES to find various approaches like the simple wire nut method.

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    MICRO-AIR EasyTouch™ RV Thermostat Wire Harness

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